Burn fitness classes

Give stubborn fat the boot

Ever gotten bored with your run-of-the-mill fitness training regimen? You’re not alone. Fitness classes have been known to dull the workout experience, due to tired and played-out styles, methods, and approaches. That’s why Todos Dance & Fitness Studio has crafted and perfected our Burn fitness training program, designed to bring you the best in truly unique and effective workout methods, all while keeping you and your body guessing. By offering a diverse array of body-sculpting exercises and a proprietary approach to personalized fitness, our Burn fitness classes get you up and moving, not left to your lonesome, lifting the same weight. Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through our Burn fitness classes? Keep reading to see if Burn matches your fitness goals.


Ditch the bench

We, at Todos Dance & Fitness Studio Studio, are not like some who practice antiquated fitness techniques and models. Accordingly, our Burn was born of bountiful experiences both in- and outside of the gym; we know all too well the frustrations and plateaus associated with traditional lift-and-lower resistance methods, and have compiled results-yielding approaches to embodying the best of traditional muscle endurance exercises while incorporating a variety of movements for strength and core gains. These exercises and movements don’t mess around; be prepared to sweat as much or more than during your traditional workout routine. However, all of our Burn exercises can be tailored to all fitness levels, whether you’ve been in the gym for a decade, or this is but the first of many fitness classes to come.


Transform your body and mind today

You’ve tried other fitness classes and dance classes with mixed results. Are you ready for the most effective and fun fitness classes of which you’ve ever been a part? Get in touch with Todos Dance & Fitness Studio today to begin transforming your body into the body you’ve always wanted.