Dance is something worth sharing with the community. It’s a beautiful form of art that isn’t restricted to certain ages or abilities. Different dancers have their own styles to share with the world.

If you are one of these dancers who dreams of positively affecting the community with dance instruction, we invite you to TODOS Studio. We are a community of dance aficionados with a passion for moving and for connecting with our Natick community. We invite you to join us!

If you are an independent instructor who is interested in renting floor space to teach your dance program, we offer a floor rental program that awards you a greater discount when you commit to more hours each week. Our lessons are based on 45-minute windows, and you are able to rent out as many lessons each week as you’d like, from zero to more than 40.

We operate in a 15,000 square foot space with four unique ballrooms. Reservations are required in advance. Below pricing is for weekly one-on-one lessons that last 45 minutes. We also offer group class prices for a similar time frame. Contact us for more information.

  • Teach 0-20 lessons per week: PAY $15 per 45 minutes of rental
  • Teach 21-39 lessons per week: PAY $13 per 45 minutes of rental
  • Teach 40+ lessons per week: PAY $12 per 45 minutes of rental

We require reservations in order to best organize our community. We’ll work with you to build a schedule that is in the interest of everyone. TODOS can’t wait to see and feel the positive influence you and your dancers will bring to our community.

Contact us online to learn more about our dance studio and how you can rent floor space to share your craft. We are also happy to discuss specific reservations.