Do you dream of spinning, twirling, and moving graciously to the beat of the dance? Whether you find yourself light on your toes and ready for the next move or two steps behind the rest of the group, you’ll feel comfortable in our group dance classes at TODOS Studio.


TODOS Studio is a Top Rated Local® Dance & Fitness Studio in Natick, MA, and we specialize in Standard and Latin group dance classes for people of all ages and abilities. TODOS welcomes patrons who are just learning the art or are ready to prepare for ballroom dance competitions.

Come to TODOS Studio to learn to dance. Our ballroom dancing professionals are extraordinarily talented. Coming to Natick from all over the world, our instructors bring expertise that is second to none. With such extensive knowledge, our instructors are able to work with dancers of all levels and styles.

dreamstime_xxl_56867298Group Dance Lessons

  • Toddler Beginners
  • Juvenile Beginner Standard
  • Junior Intermediates
  • Junior DanceSport Latin
  • Adult Beginner Ballroom
  • Adult Beginner Standard
  • Adult Beginner Latin
  • Adult Intermediate Standard
  • Adult Intermediate Latin
  • Adult DanceSport Latin
  • Adult DanceSport Standard
  • Beginner Ballroom
  • Advanced Ballroom
  • Latin Rounds
  • Standard Rounds

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When customers purchase group classes, the package can be used for group ballroom dancing and group fitness classes, so you can get the most out of your experience with TODOS Studio in Natick. Learn more about the group fitness classes available at TODOS.

Group dance classes are more than just learning the steps. They are about sharing in the beauty of the art of dance with your peers. It’s about getting to know your community through a new lens. Dance is a way of life. If you care to move and groove with us, please come visit our studio in Natick. Your first session is free!

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