Our 45-min private lessons offer one-on-one instruction for all ages and all abilities. Whether preparing for the social dance floor, a special event, or just want to brush up on your dance step, you can achieve your goals faster with individual attention. Private dance classes are the quickest way to improve your dancing skills.

Private dance lessons are like personal training. Sure, you can try and teach yourself the moves in a studio by yourself, or you can have the guidance and expertise of a professional dancer guiding you through every move. Not only are private dance classes ideal for learning a specific routine, but the intimacy of this setting helps build confidence as you don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions of your moves as you learn.

Our instructors can help you learn the steps to common social dances, such as ballroom dancing, create a choreographed routine for an upcoming special event, or help you fine-tune dance skills that may have been hiding in the closet for a few years. Whatever your reason for seeking out professional, private instruction, TODOS is happy to help.

Private lessons are more beneficial than group lessons because you have one-on-one attention from an instructor. This means you will achieve your goals faster and more efficiently because everyone will be working on the same page 100 percent of the time.

About TODOS Studio

TODOS Dance Studio is located in Natick and offers Top Rated Local® dance and fitness for everyone. We welcome our community to the dance floor to learn from our staff of experienced dance instructors from around the world. Led by Ronen Zinshtein and Mariam Izmaylova, TODOS proudly employs sophisticated and personable dance instructors on our team.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about private dance lessons at TODOS Studio.