Raise the Barre
Not all dance classes require heart-pounding music or high-intensity moves. If you’re looking for a dance program that gives you the best of cardio and muscle-building with the added pleasure of stress-reducing movements, our barre classes are sure to give you the tone you crave.
If you’re new to barre (welcome!), the slow, controlled movements might seem like a far departure from traditional dance programs or fitness routines — because it is! Barre was begun in 1959 by ballerina Lotte Beck of London, and quickly spread to the United States where it has become a fixture in many dance studios across the country.

Barre Classes

Barre Basics
Barre classes combine the poise and control of ballet movements with positions resembling those found in yoga and pilates. Additionally, props, such as exercise balls, light weights, and yoga straps, are used to add more resistance and/or support, allowing you to get the most out of your movements and holds. Specifically, barre involves reliance on the ballet barre for support while participants hold poses and positions for extended periods of time, working in small movements while maintaining form. Further, participants in barre classes contract certain muscles to get the most out of their holds, bringing muscles to fatigue, making it the perfect dance program/fitness program for those wanting to target their quads.

Barre’s Benefits
Our modern lifestyles don’t often afford us significant physical exercise. But if you’re looking for a quick way to pack in some physical benefits, Barre offers many. Each of our barre classes is sure to bring you wide-ranging benefits, including weight loss, muscle-building and -toning, improved flexibility, and reduced stress. Moreover, Barre is a great way to improve muscle control and stability and balance; using the barre as support allows you the freedom to explore your body’s response to the poses with the added benefits of stability.