Passion for Pilates
You’ve undoubtedly heard of pilates before. And for good reason! Pilates offers participants a high-intensity, low-impact workout when motions and poses are performed properly. Also known as contrology (the name given by pilates founder, Joseph Pilates), the fitness routine utilizes several series of controlled motions and poses designed to give the benefits of a workout, along with other benefits including improved flexibility, strength gains, and control of one’s body. Moreover, pilates affords participants a range of motion and challenging holds that ensure improved muscular control. Todos is proud to offer this body-blasting fitness training program, carried out by our highly-trained and experienced pilates personnel.

Pilates Class

Pilates’ Principles
Pilates classes offer an array of benefits that stem from the six concepts created by founder Joseph Pilates:

Proper breathing is essential for getting your blood circulated during a pilates class at our dance studio. Founder Joseph Pilates saw that excellent inhalation and exhalation were integral to oxygen circulation throughout our bodies. By breathing out when exhibiting effort and breathing in when recoiling, participants’ breaths are ideally aligned with their exertion.

Requiring intense focus and poise, pilates demands proper execution of form and control to gain the most out of each exercise.

As its formal name implies, muscle control in contrology/pilates often means the difference between proper exercise execution and performing these motions and holds poorly.

The center is the starting place for each pilates movement and hold. Without centering oneself, achieving the benefits of the movements taught in our pilates class becomes much more difficult.

Proper execution from movement to movement is integral to getting the most out of your pilates class, as each movement “flows” into another.

Much like the aforementioned principles, mastering each movement’s precise execution is highly important to achieving pilates’ maximum benefits.