Personal training with our results-oriented staff

Are you ready to get into your ideal shape? Do you need an extra push, a motivator, a coach? Chase your health and fitness dreams with Todos Dance & Fitness Studio. We offer personal training to members who are ready to set goals, get feedback, and see results.

Todos is a place for everyone. Whether you are a serious fitness novice or fanatic, you are welcome at Todos! Our professional one-on-one personal training brings professional expertise to your goals, making sure you have the right tools, workouts, and health plans to meet them in your time frame.

At Todos our goal is to help you improve your wellness through focusing on health, physical abilities, and body conditioning. We strive to help you wear a positive attitude as much as possible and to have a fulfilling experience while at our fitness club.

Working with our certified personal trainer means more than just focusing on fitness. We make it our mission to educate you wholly about your health and wellness. This includes nutrition and other general health factors that can help you meet your goals.

There are many reasons people choose to do personal training at Todos Dance & Fitness Studio:

  • To lose weight

  • To get in shape for a race

  • To win a lifting competition

  • To learn more about nutrition

  • To build a habit

  • And so much more

Personal training at Todos begins with an assessment of your fitness so we have measurable data to compare the rest of your training program. Sessions are 45 minutes each, and participants can sign up for as many sessions as desired; although, we recommend 10 sessions with one of our personal trainers in order to make good progress on your goals.

Working out at Todos Dance & Fitness Studio is more than just hitting the gym. Our trainers are motivating, friendly, and fully dedicated to your health and your goals.

Give us a call or stop by our brand new fitness club to learn more and sign-up for personal training in Natick.