Piotr Frydrych’s field of professional expertise is Ballroom Dance, in which he has distinguished himself as a teacher and coach.

Piotr Frydrych has trained dancers to compete at local, regional, national and international ballroom dance competitions for over 10 years. The couples whom Piotr has coached and trained have competed in national and international ballroom dance competitions at the highest level. The rewards they have received at the national and international level include but are not limited to:

  • ​First place in the 2012 Grand Prix of the International Sports Ballroom Dancing Competition

  • First place in the 2013 Polish Lower Silesia Ballroom Dance Championships

  • First Place 2012 International Ballroom Dance Competition

  • Finalists in the 2010 Polish Ballroom Dance Championships

  • First place in the 2009 European Ballroom Dance Championships

  • First place in the 2011 Blackwell (UK) Ballroom Dance Festival Under 21 Category

  • First place in the 2011 UK Rising Stars Ballroom Dance Championship

  • Third Place in the 2012 Polish Ballroom Dance Championships

Piotr has been an active member of the Polish Association of Ballroom Dancers. He has held a leadership role in this organization since 2013, serving as a Board member and Chief Treasurer. His leadership in this association that represents ballroom dance in his country indicates that Piotr is respected by his professional colleagues and viewed by them as a teacher/coach of extraordinary ability.


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