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NPTI Waltham, MA – Degree - Diploma in Personal Training. NASM Sports Performance Training Coach and Senior Fitness Specialist.  Certified in Nutrition, CPR, and ADE.

30 Years of experience in the fitness industry includes roles as a Group Fitness Instructor, Master Personal Trainer at GISFW for eight years, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Mind/Body specialist, Track Coach for Framingham High school and Senior Fitness Specialist (instructor) at the Callahan Center.


Delaney’s interest includes different types of workouts, strength training, running marathons, playing golf, volleyball, and road racing all over New England. Delaney is a Personal Trainer and Coach who has been passionate about sports and fitness all of her life. She tries to incorporate a variety of fitness activities into her energetic workouts to keep them exciting. She feels most fulfilled when seeing the satisfaction people feel when getting fit and achieving their fitness and nutrition goals.


She has a great deal of experience teaching a variety of classes including Cardio Dance (aerobics), Tabata Bootcamp, Fat Blaster, Circuit and HIIT( interval training), Kettle bell, TRX, Cardio kickboxing, Step, Muscle conditioning, Spin, active senior aerobic/strength training classes, and of course indoor/outdoor boot camp. Delaney’s favorite quote: “Change your foods…Change your life”.

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