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Starting dance classes early has all kinds of benefits

Todos offers a variety of children's programs throughout the week for all ages, starting at age 4! Studies have shown that starting kids off early with lessons in ballroom dance can have a tremendous, positive influence on adulthood.

Developing strength and stamina is crucial in childhood and teenage years. Physical activity leads to success in all aspects of academic and social functioning. Our instructors possess a thorough knowledge of human development and exercise, which they will use to help your children gain strength and confidence, and help improve their overall health.

Learning to work as a team is the most important skill for academic success. Working with a partner, learning dance steps, and performing will give your children advantages, which will follow them into adulthood. It will build confidence, increase stamina, and open a new and exciting world for them to explore.

Ballroom dance is not only helpful with positive body image, but it also provides connections to peers from all over the world who share the same passion. While students learn different dances, they connect to other cultures and histories, developing unique interests that may accompany them throughout their life journey.

Come in for a FREE 30-minute consultation with your child with one of our instructors! Get an idea of how ballroom dance can help them while they have fun learning some steps!

We welcome to take a look at our class schedule to see which groups are available! Don't forget the first class is always FREE! Toddler groups are for ages 4-7, Juvenile groups are for ages 8-11, and Junior groups are for ages 12-15.

Give us a call, or send us an email today to find out more!

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