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TODOS DANCE AND FITNESS STUDIO is a place for everyone. Whether you are a serious fitness enthusiast, recreational dancer or serious ballroom competitor, we have something to suit your needs. We offer professional dance and fitness services in a 15,000 square foot, state-of-the art facility. This is like nothing else you've ever experienced before!   


If you are a dancer or wish to learn to dance, we offer private lessons and group classes for all levels; beginner through advanced, in 5 different ballrooms! We offer special Wedding Programs and Competitive Programs as well! 


If fitness is your thing, we offer personal training with free weights, machines and cardiovascular equipment. We also offer a variety of fitness classes in many different styles (Zumba, Bootcamp, BollyX, etc.) to keep things challenging and fun! At Todos, we have options! 


Our goal is to improve the health and wellness, physical abilities, and body conditioning throughout the community. We want our clients to have a healthy, positive, and fulfilling experience when they visit us and we've created an environment that promotes this.

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My twin daughters were off to college and more of my time became my own.  I wanted to find a group exercise class and after a quick Google search found TODOS. 


From day one, and everyday since then, I have been welcomed with a smile from the front desk staff.  It is a really nice way to start.


I had never done Zumba, but it has quickly become my favorite class.


Jackie is the instructor for most of the Zumba classes and her energy and fun-loving attitude are infectious!  You can't help but leave a class feeling happy and sweaty (actually, very sweaty)!   Getting physically fit and having fun doing it; it doesn't get better than that!

I consider TODOS to be a wonderfully creative part of my workout regimen.  Whether it's participating in a small group strength training class, private dance lessons or my very favorite Zumba I always leave feeling exhilarated, sweaty and joyful.


Zumba class is one of those workouts that makes you smile while you are burning over 700 calories and wondering how 55 minutes went by so quickly.  Jackie and the other instructors are trained, highly experienced and have wonderful energy.


An important component is that they have created a nice community of clients that are welcoming and friendly.  I look forward to these classes!

I’ve been to multiple dance studios in Massachusetts but wow this place is above and beyond.


The place is huge, with not only a main ballroom as large as most comp floors I’ve seen, but also with a lot of smaller studios, work out space, etc.


The way they teach is easy to understand, and I’ve learned more in one lesson here than what often is weeks of trying to fix a reoccurring problem.


While some of the people there may be a little intimidating when they’re practicing, they’re actually super lovely and fantastic humans. I’m really glad I started taking lessons here; it’s hard to get to but absolutely worth it.



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